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General Sites

National Geographic Education Page
A good starting point for geographical information.

NASA's Earth Page
Information about the earth, its ecosystems, atmosphere and interior.


Country Profiles
From the BBC--an excellent place to begin.

Infoplease World Atlas
Up-to-date maps and information.

Altapedia: Countries, A-Z
Find out about the geology, history, language, and economy of specific countries.

CIA World Factbook
Basic information about the countries of the world.

State Dept. Background Notes
Thorough profiles of many countries.


Atlapedia: Click-a-Map
Political and physical maps of every country.

Infoplease World Atlas
Search for color maps by continent, region or country.

National Geographic Atlas
Click on a region or select a country to print a detailed map.

Library of Congress Maps: 1544-2004
Find maps of cities and towns, discovery and exploration, battles and military campaigns.

Find directions to almost anyplace.


Profiles of the World's Great Rivers
The Amazon River
Play Amazon Explorer: The Amazon River Game--requires FLASH
Nashua River Watershed Association
Nashua River Drainage Basin
U.S. Geological Service Site

Colorado River
Columbia River
Hudson River
Mississippi River


The 50 States--you can even get pics of license plates!


Volcano World
Volcanoes--from National Geographic for Kids

Regions Around the World

Spotlight Himalayas
Explore the Planet Mars with Nasa
Sea & Sky
United States Exploration



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