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World History

History for Kids
Info on ancient Greece, Rome, and the medieval world. Site material is written by university professors and is primarily for middle school students.

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Find out about world religions, colonial Africa, the Crusades, conflicts in the Middle East, and more.

Ancient History Projects on the Web
This site was created by fifth and sixth graders in Amsterdam. Site contains info about ancient cultures, including the Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese, the Vikings, the Celts, the Incas and the Mayas.

Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
Information on a wide range of subjects, including the Middle Ages, the Wild, Wild West, Vikings, the legend of King Arthur and the history of the submarine. Primarily aimed at students in grades 7+.

Hyper History Online
Includes information about science, politics and culture through the ages. Maps and biographies also available. Year by Year: 1900-2006
A decade by decade description of the 20th century. Includes info on fashions, American music and world history.

Eyewitness to History
First-person accounts of historical events. Ancient World through the 20th Century.

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Basic information about the seven wonders, including history, description and location of the wonders.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt
Great site by the British Museum.

Guardian's Egypt
Tons of links to sites about ancient Egypt. Site features a cyberjourney to Egypt and a discussion board.

Explore the Pyramids
NOVA web site explores who built the pyramids and what the hieroglyphics say. Features site maps of individual pyramids.

Coloring book, quiz, fact v. fiction, build a pharoah, from the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Learn about hieroglyphics.

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece
BBC's site gives basic facts about ancient Athens, Corinth and Olympia.

Ancient Greece
Info about Ancient Greek life, philosophy, religion, architecture, and other topics.

Mr. Dowling's Ancient Greece
Who was Homer? What was the difference between Sparta and Athens? Visit this site to find out more.

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome
Part of the History for Kids Site. Good information.

The Romans
High-quality site put together by the BBC. Info. on history, religion, technology and family life.

The Roman Empire
Biographies of famous romans, a brief history, interactive maps, info about Roman gods.

Map of the Roman Empire
Clickable map created by the Dalton School.

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport
Basic info about the birth of Rome, its emperors, the legacy of Roman government and the Punic Wars.

Ancient China

Condensed China
Chinese history's greatest hits.

Chinese Dynasties
Informative site from Thinkquest.

Get Your Own Chinese Name
Find out what your name might be in Chinese, based on key personality traits and the English spelling.

Ancient Africa

Ancient African Timeline
5 million BCE to 300 A.D. For older students.

Ancient India

Daily Life in Ancient India
What did ancient Indians eat? What did they wear? Did they play with toys? Find out at this site.


Vikings--from the BBC
A good place to begin your search.

The Vikings
For younger children.

Middle Ages

Middle Ages
Find out about medieval religion, clothing, entertainment, home life and more.

Life in the Middle Ages
Basic information about medieval life. Written by middle school students.

History for Kids: Middle Ages
History and timeline, info about daily life, religion, literature and architecture.

Eyewitness Middle Ages
Info about key events during the middle ages and the renaissance, including the Norman Invasion, the murder of Thomas Becket, the Black Death and the crusades.

Follow the history of medieval Britain from the time of Alfred the Great through the Tudor Age.

The Black Plague
Find out about the "Black Death," read about symptoms and learn how it spread.

World War I

Trenches on the Web
Good place to start for information about World War I.

Encyclopaedia of the First World War
Info. about the international, national and local dimensions of the conflict--from the UK.

World War I Document Archive
Primary documents about WWI. For older students.

World War II

World War II Timeline
Describes key events leading up to WWII through 1945. Includes maps and links to primary sources. For grades 5-12+.

World War II
History.com's intro gives an overview of conflict.

Anne Frank Online
Read about the life and times of Anne Frank.

Grolier online's description of Hitler's early life, rise to power and role in WWII.

Holocaust Learning Center
Part of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website. For older students.

American History

Presidents of the United States
Info on U.S. presidents, including election results, cabinet members, and notable events. Links to biographical info., audio files, and historical documents.

American History Hypertext
Biographies of presidents and other famous historical figures, primary sources, essays and transcripts on important events from the American Revolution to the modern era.

The History net
Archive contains almost 1,000 articles on world and American history. Site includes eyewitness accounts, interviews, profiles and pictures.

Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West
Smithsonian site that chronicles the famous expedition. Links to interactive maps, cartographic info.

This Thinkquest site gives basic information about pioneers and life on a wagon train.

Titantic Historical Society
Learn about the actual ship, with links to other sites.

Colonial Period

13 Originals: Founding the American Colonies
Summaries about the thirteen colonies. Includes maps and links to documents about specific colonies.

Mayflower History
Find out about the first Thanksgiving, read Pilgrim diaries, discover the truth about common Mayflower myths.

Salem Witch Trials
An interactive site created by National Geographic.

American Revolution

Liberty: The American Revolution
Nice site by PBS. Includes info on major events, colonial life, military perspectives.

Timeline of the American Revolution
Clickable timeline of major events. Compiled by Valley Oak Elementary School.

The Revolutionary War: A Journey Toward Freedom
This Thinkquest Junior site features bios of major figures, descriptions of major battles, maps and recipes.

A Revolutionary Webquest--includes music the Patriots may have heard!
Another Thinkquest site. Includes key events and figures, major battles, as well as info on the colonial lifestyle and culture.

The American Revolution
Good site for basic info. Also includes quizzes and activities.

Spy Letters of the American Revolution
Read captured letters written in invisible ink, learn revolutionary secret codes, find out about famous spies.

High Tea in Boston Harbor
Fictional newspaper article about the Boston Tea Party.

Declaration of Independence
Text of the Declaration, as well as biographical information and firsthand accounts written by the signers.

Founding Fathers
Biographies of the signers of the Declaration.

Map of the Battle of Lexington and Concord
Detailed map of the battle that shows the movement of Boston militia and British troops.

American Civil War

Civil War for Kids
This web page was created by a middle school class in Sleepy Hollow, NY. A good place to start.

American Slave Narratives
Find out what it was like to be a slave in America.

The Underground Railroad
National Geographic's interactive website.

Aboard the Underground Railroad
National Park Service site which includes maps and links to former hiding spots.

Civil War Leaders
Biographies of many civil war figures from the North and South.

Women of the American Civil War
Info about Clara Barton, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mary Todd Lincoln and others.

Abraham Lincoln Online: Student Links
Letters, speeches, biographical info., virtual tour, picture gallery. Hundreds of links.

Poetry and Music of the Civil War
Lots of poems and songs written by Confederate and Union soldiers. Includes sound clips.

Local History (some sites take a while to load)

Brief History of Fitchburg
From the city's official site.

Town of Fitchburg
Background info on Fitchburg, as well as census data regarding income, education, and population.

Fitchburg Railroad, 1845-1900
Kid-friendly site, with activities and quicktime movies. Based on the book Henry Hikes to Fitchburg.

Rufus Torey's History of Fitchburg
Excerpts from Mr. Torey's book, which was published in 1865.

Guidebook to Fitchburg and Environs
Published in 1976 by John and William Chittick. Info. about many local landmarks, including directions.

Historical Scenes
Sketches from John Chittick's calendars, as well as pictures from old postcards of Fitchburg.

Map of Fitchburg, 1882
Aerial map that allows viewers to zoom in on points of interest.

Fitchburg Map, 1764
From Fitchburg High's website.

15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Read about some of the Massachusetts men who fought during the Civil War. Includes biographical info on John Kimball of Fitchburg.

Recollections of A Soldier in the Civil War
Firsthand account written by former Fitchburg resident Joel A. Stratton.

Story of Shadrach Minkins
Fact-based arrative of a real runaway slave who made a stop on Fitchburg's underground railroad.

Fitchburg Airport
Early history of the airport.

Once Upon a Time in America
Account of the birth of the paper-making industry in New England. Info. about the Burbank family, as well as the process of making paper.

Fitchburg Civil War Era
Brief history written by a Fitchburg State student.

Lowell National Historical Park
Description of Lowell mills, as well as info about working conditions, "mill girls," immigrant workers and other topics.

Lowell Mill Girls
Firsthand account of life in the mills during 1832-1848.


Infoplease Biographies
Searchable database with more than 30,000 biographies to choose from.

Presidents of the United States
Info on U.S. presidents, including election results, cabinet members, and notable events. Links to biographical info., audio files, and historical documents.

First Ladies of the United States
Biographies of first ladies. Includes pictures.

Discoverers Web
Lots of info about famous explorers. Searchable by name, as well as time period and region.

Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Biographies of women writers, scientists, politicians, civil rights activists and others.

Famous Hispanics
About 200 links to information about prominent Hispanics.

Astronaut Biographies
Biographical information about former U.S. astronauts, as well as those on active duty.

Frederick Douglass
This siite features a biography and some of his speeches.

Abraham Lincoln

Rosa Parks

Life of Harriet Tubman
Description of Tubman's life as a slave, her escape to Canada and her role in the underground railroad.


Discoverers Web
Lots of info about famous explorers. Searchable by name, as well as time period and region.

Explorers A-Z
Basic information about many explorers.

Explorers on the Web
Cybersleuth site that has basic info on famous exploers.

Lewis and Clark: Mapping the West
Smithsonian site that chronicles the famous expedition. Links to interactive maps, cartographic info.

Shackleton's Voyage of Endurance
NOVA's site includes polar survival stories, diary excerpts, maps,and photos of Antarctica.




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