Fun Sites

Puzzles, Games and More

Dinosphere--now you're in their world! NEW!
Mazeworks--Java-based games NEW!
Candystand--Some games require FLASh Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation!
Lemony Snicket Games
Polar Express Games
ZOOM Games
Harry Potter Games--from "surfing the Net with Kids"
Toon Center
Sports Illustrated for Kids

DragonBall Z
Official Dragonball Z site.
Checkers, chess, naval command and others.
Music, games, web lab, message boards.
Magic tricks, secret codes, wacky facts, games and recipes.
Join clubs, play games, make your own wacky creatures, take a cyber-surfari.
Chat live with kids around the world, talk to a world leader, find an e-pal.
Sesame Workshop
Coloring pages, Make-Your-Own Story and games, featuring Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster et al.
Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Find out about UFOs, visit lost worlds, take a dinosaur safari or check out the Virtual Exploration Society.


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