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Come Inside, Explore The World Around You.

Since 1859 the Fitchburg Public Library connects with your world. No matter what country, culture, or environs you came from, we welcome you.

Come visit us often!

Do you like movies? We're like Netflix, only free. Do you like music? Borrow our CDs. Free. Ever read a graphic novel? We've got 'em. Read the latest magazines on garden care, cooking, politics, economics and fashion. Read newspapers from our region.

Oh, yes--and books! (Yes, we have books, too!) Best sellers at low, low prices (free). Walls and walls full of classics, too.

Did you know that we have works of art that you can borrow for 2 months at a time?

Our helpful and friendly staff is here to serve you, so we hope you will visit or telephone us soon.




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Friend of the FPL

Establish closer relations between the library and the people it serves, promote support of services, and ensure funding of several important services such as the museum pass program.

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