Sharps Disposal & Unused Medication

Sharps Kiosk

Look for this kiosk, supplied by MPHN, in all communities to properly dispose of Sharps and Needles and Unused Medication, FREE!  
There are 3 locations in Fitchburg:

Sharps Kiosk ONLY:
Community Health Connections Fitchburg 
326 Nichols Road

Sharps Kiosk & Unused Medication Kiosks
Fitchburg Police Department-Lobby
20 Elm Street
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone:(978) 345-4355

Sharps Disposal ONLY
Fitchburg Landfill Scalehouse Drop-off
101 Fitchburg Rd., Rt. 31
Westminster, MA 01473

For the Sharps and Medication kiosk disposal project in other MPHN communities, see the kiosk locations by community