Title 5 - Sewer Disposal Systems

The Board of Health oversees and permits the construction, alteration or repairs to individual sewer disposal systems within Fitchburg's boundaries.  An application must be submitted to the department prior to any work being performed:

Application to construct, alter or repair individual sewer disposal systems

For new system installation and repairs, a ground percolation test will be required.  This test requires an application be submitted along with a $150 fee payable to the City of Fitchburg:

Testing land for proposed subsurface sewage disposal (Septic System Percolation Test)

To be authorized to install, alter or repair any individual sewer disposal system, a contractor must file for a systems installer's permit.  This permit is valid for one year, expiring on December 31st.  The fee for the permit is $100 and cannot be pro-rated.

System Installer's Permit Application