Billing Frequency

Effective January 2012 residential water bills are now billed monthly.

Explanation of Charges

The bills include both water and sewer charges. Some accounts only have water and will only be billed for water usage. The sewer charges on your water/sewer bill are based on your water usage. No bills are estimated. Every meter in the city is read either by the radio read technology or by a meter reader.

Current Water Rates

The current water rate (effective June 1, 2023) is $5.67 per 100 cubic feet/748 gallons

The rate for the minimum is based on the meter size is as follows:

5/8", 3/4:, 1"  meter- $9.55

1.5" meter- $30.10

2" meter- $45.15

3" meter- $86.00

4" meter- $131.85

6" meter- $260.10

8" meter- $413.40

Past Due Payments

All payments must be received by the due date. 
Bills that are paid past the due date will be accessed a $5 late fee for both water and sewer ($10 total). Daily interest will accrue at a rate of 14% per annum.

Failure of owner to receive a bill does not relieve him/her from the obligation of its payment nor consequences of non payment.

Any past due amount not paid will become a lien on your real estate tax bill and will incur additional lien fees.

Online Payments

The Treasurer's office is now accepting credit card payments for water/sewer bills visit the online payments website to use this new service

Pay In Person

Water bills are payable Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at the Treasurer's Office.