Traffic Signals & Signs

Traffic Signals
Effective July 1, 2015, the Department of Public Works (DPW) assumed responsibility for traffic signals in the City of Fitchburg. If you see a malfunctioning traffic signal, please call DPW Dispatch at 978-829-1900.

All traffic signals in Fitchburg are under the jurisdiction of DPW except for the following:
  • Intersection of John Fitch Highway and Lunenburg Street (Route 2A) is under jurisdiction of MassDOT, Highway Division
Traffic signals at the Fitchburg-Leominster city line are handled as follows:
  • Route 12: City of Leominster
  • Whalon Street/Merriam Ave: City of Fitchburg
  • Fitchburg DPW will respond to emergencies at traffic signals.  If electrical work or repair to signal equipment is required, DPW has contracted with Electric Light Company to do the work
Traffic Signs
Traffic signs ranging from street names to speed limit to STOP signs are installed and maintained by DPW. If you would like to see a new sign erected, please contact your Ward Councilor who will file a petition with the City Council. If you see an existing sign that needs to be repaired or replaced, please use the attached form and submit it to DPW.

Traffic Sign Deficiency Report

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