City Council

Regular Meetings

Public comments of no more than 2 minutes in length may be submitted to the City Clerk via phone at 978-829-1820 or via email to:

Agendas & Minutes

View recent agendas and minutes

City Councilors at Large

Anthony Zarrella, City Council President

Email Anthony Zarrella
Phone : 203-200-8512
33 Saint Paul Street

Marcus L. DiNatale

Email Marcus L. DiNatale
Phone: 978-790-3595
c/o City Clerk, 166 Boulder Drive

Amy L. Green

Email Amy L. Green
244 Walton Street
Phone: 978-230-1815

Sally H. Cragin

Email: Sally H. Cragin
Phone: 978-320-1335
1138 Oak Hill Road

Samantha Squailia

Email Samantha Squailia
Phone: 978-352-0310
225 Scott Road

Ward Councilors

Bernard J. Schultz, Ward 1

Email Bernard J. Schultz
Phone: 978-342-4998
91 Seneca Street

Paul Beauchemin, Ward 2

Email Paul Beauchemin
Phone: 978-345-7010
101 Saint Andrew Street

Andrew J. Couture, Ward 3

Email Andrew J. Couture
Phone: 978-503-2237
64 Farmer Avenue

Andrew J. Van Hazinga, Ward 4 & City Council Vice-President

Email Andrew J. Van Hazinga
Phone: 978-342-1306
59 Osgood Street

Marisa Fleming, Ward 5

Email Marisa Fleming
Phone: 978-413-5638
1240 Ashby State Road

Derrick J. Cruz, Ward 6 

Email Derrick J. Cruz
Phone: 978-400-1435
30 Carriage Way Drive

City Council Petition

To file a petition with the City Council, it is suggested that you contact your Ward Councilor for specific ward issues or any of the Councilors at-large for City-wide issues. You may also file a petition on your own. Petition forms are available in the City Clerk’s office.

City Council Records

City Council records that are kept in the City Clerk’s Office:

  • Annual Reports
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • Orders
  • Ordinances
  • Petitions
  • Resolutions