Reading Corner

Have suggestions for the Teen Center? Want to request a book?

If you want a book, videogame, manga volume or series, or other physical or electronic item, let us know by filling out the Anon Y. Moose request form, found at this link. If you have general feedback (if you want more chairs, a specific program, or a suggestion for events), please fill out the Anonymous Frog feedback form, found at this link.

If you want to be first on the checkout list, any librarian will take your request directly, as anonymous requests will not include your card number or identifying information.

If you're in the teen center, we have a box checked weekly by the Teen Services Librarian for paper requests. The paper forms are next to the box.

A list of recommended books if you liked Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by L Bardugo

Have suggestions for the Teen Center? Do we not have a book that you want? Loved a book so much you feel compelled to shout about it from the rooftop? The Teen Center has you covered.

From the multiple forms in the teen center, to the digital versions linked above, we love to hear from you. If you feel especially compelled to share about a book (the good and the bad), you can follow this link:, and your review could be featured below!


a review of Percy Jackson: Lightning Thief and the song Runaway by Aurora, arranged on a background.