History of the Fitchburg Airport
In April of 1924, motivated by urging by the military to develop training fields in case of future wars, Wesley Haynes started looking for land for an airport to service the Fitchburg-Leominster Area. Being a hilly area, there were not many large, flat areas suitable for this use. The area known as pigeon swamp and the Crawford Street farm were the first parcels purchased for the airport.

S. Wesley Haynes, Bartow Crocker, Edward Hall, C.T.Crocker III, Joseph Lowe, Winthrop Mayo, and Judson C. Richardson started development of the airport on May 6, 1928.

On June 10, 1929, Crocker Snow, Director of the Massachusetts Aeronautics Commission made the first landing.

Founder S. Wesley Haynes
Read about the history of Fitchburg Airport (PDF) as written by one of its founders, S. Wesley Haynes.

Historic Photographs
View a photo gallery of historic photographs.

Seeking Contributions
We would like to create a historical archive compiling facts, stories and photos about the Fitchburg Airport. If you would like to contribute, please email .jpeg photographs, info, credits and release information to Michael Coulombe or leave material at the Airport Managers office for digitizing and return. Pictures of the airport, personnel, pilots, airshows etc. would make for a nice information source.