Community Development & Planning


The Department of Community Development & Planning is committed to improving the quality of life in Fitchburg and enhancing the city's economic competitiveness by revitalizing neighborhoods, building community and strengthening the commercial sector.

Its three divisions:  Planning, Economic Development, and Housing & Development  aim to achieve this mission through data-informed decision-making, collaboration, community engagement and strategic planning.


Developing long-term plans for the City's future (e.g. Vision 2020, Economic Development Strategic Vision)

Provide supports and technical assistance to existing businesses

Engaging in troubleshooting and outreach to prospective businesses

Facilitating the Neighborhood Improvement through Code Enforcement (N.I.C.E) Task Force, an interdepartmental effort focused on problem properties in Fitchburg

Administering capacity-building grants to City Departments and partner agencies

Administering programs to improve the quality of Fitchburg's housing stock (e.g. Lead paint, Homeowner Rehab, etc.)

Managing large community projects (e.g. Demolition, Rail Trails, etc.)

Supporting departmental and community-wide capacity-building through grant-writing

Provide staffing supports for various boards and commissions (e.g. Planning Board, Conservation Commission)

Artist Call - Community Mural Institute

How do our public spaces currently tell us how to be, who we are, or where we’re going? How do we open up our public spaces to community voices? How can we claim our voices, celebrate our history and seed our communal futures through murals on our buildings? How do we as artists learn to do this well?

There is increasing interest in murals as a means of creative place-keeping and particular interest in professional murals that involve the community in their creation. However, there are very few opportunities to learn how to engage the community, incorporate community process in a meaningful way into our designs and in the fabrication of murals while still producing professional grade public mural work.

The Fitchburg Community Mural Institute (CMI) will combine online and classroom instruction, experiential learning, and professional mentorship so that by the end of the Institute, 12 artists can independently create and install exceptional community-engaged murals. Through the Institute process, the artists and instructors will create and install three large outdoor murals in Fitchburg that are designed and painted in collaboration with Fitchburg communities.

In the process we will teach, murals will start with facilitated community gatherings to identify themes, ideas and images that are meaningful for the group. The CMI Lead Muralists create the designs with support from CMI Instructors. The designs will be approved by the project organizers, representatives of the community and the building owners.

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